Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation 1

  • Intro to Programming: Lesson 

  • What is Programming? Watch Video 

  • Learning programming on Khan Academy (Read Article) 

  • Drawing Basics: Lesson 

  • Making Drawings with Code (Talk-through) 

  • Quick Tip: Number Scrubbing (Read Article) 

  •  Complete Challenge: Simple Snowman  

  • Drawing More Shapes with Code (Talk-through) 

  • Complete Challenge: Waving Snowman 

  • Coloring: Lesson 

  • Coloring with Code (Talk-through) 

  • Quick Tip: Color Picking (Read Article)

  •  Complete Challenge: Sunny Snowy Day 

  • Watch Video: The Power of the Docs

  • Project:  What\'s for Dinner?

  • Complete Project

  • Complete Evaluation 

  • Take a screenshot (CTRL+SHIFT+Window Switch Key) and paste below (CTRL+V)

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