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How to Increase Your Email Open Rate by 42%

  • Not convinced to invest in email marketing? 90% of email gets delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox, whereas only 2% of your Facebook fans see your posts in their News Feed. – Forrester Research

  • <b>Email marketing is dead:</b> Have you checked your inbox lately? Email is here... to stay. But email has changed, and marketers need to know how to improve their open rates.

  • <b>Email marketing automation is expensive & time-consuming:</b> Email tools can be inexpensive and user-friendly. One of my favorites MailChimp is free for your 1st 2000 names

  • <b>Unsubscribes will hurt your email efforts:</b> People change their minds. SPAM notifications can hurt your distribution: always offer an Unsubscribe option.

  • <b>Morning is the best time to send email:</b> The best day and time of day to send an email is when its best for your specific audience.

  • <b>Tuesday is the best day to send marketing emails:</b> see Monday above.

  • <b>If you send too many emails your subscribers will unsubscribe:</b> It depends on your topic: some information is useful daily, other topics are better weekly or monthly.

  • <b>Responsive design is not important for emails:</b> 75% of people delete an email if they can't read it on their phone.

  • <b>Spammy content sends your email to the junk folder:</b> If your recipient opts in for your emails, even Spammy content should go to their inbox. Tip: Don't send spammy content.

  • <b>Plain text emails don't perform as emails with graphics and images:</b> Not everyone has good internet access. Plain text emails download faster and can be easier to read for many people.

  • <b>Use a professional tone in your B2B and B2C emails:</b> Know your audience. If your B2B email audience are hipsters, talk in their language. A B2C reader may not understand your industry jargon.

  • <b>Short emails get better results than long ones:</b> It depends: don't use 1000 words for what you can say in 100; don't use 100 words if the subject requires 1000.

  • <b>Subject lines should be short:</b> There is no statistical link between subject line length and open rate. But for subscribers reading on mobile devices, shorter may be better.

  • <b>Only send each email once:</b> People forget. People need reminders. Do A/B testing on your important emails: do your subscribers prefer to get the same email again?

  • <b>75% of recipients will delete an email if it's hard to read on a mobile</b>: Mobile-friendly emails are a MUST. Over 50% of emails are opened on mobile, and that number keeps climbing.

  • <b>Mobile-friendly email marketing isn't expensive:</b> Free and low-cost email software is effective, affordable and easy to use

  • <b>Personalized subject lines increase open rates:</b> The recipient’s name in the email subject line increased open rates by 42%

  • <b>Get permission:</b> Inviting your audience to subscribe and opt-in to your mailing list gets better results than spamming. Ask subscribers to confirm so you're whitelisted and get in their inbox.

  • <b>SPAM may be illegal:</b> In many places SPAM is not only unsolicited, it's illegal with serious fines. #CanSPAM

  • <b>Words in your subject line can trigger SPAM filters:</b> Ultimate List of Email SPAM Triggers

  • <b>Weekdays are better to send emails:</b> In general, it's better to send emails on weekdays versus weekends. No single day won hand’s down.

  • <b>10am is the best time to send emails:</b> in general, the optimal time of day to send emails is at 10 AM in the recipients’ own time zone.

  • <b>Use a larger font:</b> Small fonts are difficult to read on mobile.

  • <b>Use large social media and call-to-action buttons:</b> Larger buttons are easier to tap with a thumb on mobile.

  • <b>Use smaller images to reduce load time:</b> Hi-res images take longer to load.

  • <b>600px wide columns are a mobile marketing best practice:</b> Larger columns often wrap or aren't visible on mobile.

  • <b>Emoji's save space and attract attention:</b> Know your audience. A picture tells 1000 words: and an emoji in your subject line attracts notice and saves space.

  • <b>Numbers in your subject line get noticed:</b> People respond to facts and data, and numbers give your subject authority.

  • <b>Preview text shows up in most ESPs:</b> Set the preview text yourself, or most email tools will automatically pull the preview from the body of your email.

  • <b>Send emails from a person, not a bot:</b> Sending emails from a person increases open rates up to 31%, not info@, newsletter@ or noreply@.

  • <b>Treat you subject line like a Call To Action:</b> Use action verbs to entice readers to click.

  • <b>Create a sense of urgency:</b> "Today Only" Subject lines that create a sense of urgency and exclusivity can give a 22% higher open rate.

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