How To Install Sendy On AWS EC2

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  • Part 1) Creating Your AWS Security Group

  • Part 2) Creating Your AWS Server

  • Part 3) Configuring Your AWS Server For SSH Access

  • Part 4) Associating An Elastic IP To Your AWS Server

  • Part 5) Updating Ubuntu On Your AWS Server

  • Part 6) Configuring Ubuntu’s Host Files For Virtualmin 

  • Part 7) Installing Virtualmin On Your AWS Server

  • Part 8) Configuring Virtualmin With The Post-Install Wizard

  • Part 9) Creating A Virtual Server Within Virtualmin

  • Part 10) Installing An SSL Certificate Within Virtualmin

  • Part 11) Configuring Nginx For Sendy

  • Part 12) Securing MySQL On Your AWS Server

  • Part 13) Configuring MySQL For Sendy

  • Part 14) Retrieving Your Sendy Database Password

  • Part 15) Installing Sendy On Your AWS Server

  • Part 16) Checking Your Sendy Database Tables

  • Part 17) Creating AWS SES Access Keys For Sendy

  • Part 18) Verifying Your Domain Within AWS SES

  • Part 19) Creating Sendy\'s Cron Jobs Within Virtualmin

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