20 Powerful Actions to Finally Achieve Your Goals!

  • 1. Define on paper in detail exactly what is it that you really want to achieve.

  • 2. Define on paper what is the specific outcome you want and how will your measure it.

  • 3. Define on paper what it costs you not to have your goal or be living without it.

  • 5. Define on paper the exact plan for the accomplishment of your first step.

  • 6. Define on paper using emotions, how the achievement of it will make you feel.

  • 7. Define on paper what should be the rest of your plan, step by step to forward your goal.

  • 8. Define on paper who and how you would have to be to achieve your goals.

  • 9. Define on paper what you would have to give up for the achievement of your goals.

  • 10. Define on paper what assistance, resources you need for the achievement of your goals.

  • 11. Define on paper exactly it will look like and how things will be different when you achieve your goals.

  • 12. Define on paper exactly, using 100 words+ how you’ll feel having achieved your goals.

  • 13. Define on paper what the achievement will mean to you and others you care about.

  • 14. Define on paper all the reasons you can think of to achieve your goal and what makes it important.

  • 15. Define on paper how your achievement will empower you to go on to bigger goals.

  • 16. Define on paper all the reasons it is worth achieving this/these goals.

  • 17. Define on paper how you will celebrate the achievement of your goals.

  • 18. Define on paper the other things this powerful newly discovered person will now accomplish.

  • 19. Define on paper what differences you will now make for others being so incredibly powerful.

  • 4. Define on paper what one small step you should take first to start toward its accomplishment.

  • 20. Define on paper, the exact time frame, plans and execution of your future goals, and begin now whether you feel ready or not.  

This checklist was created by drmarkskovron

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