Bathroom Deep Clean Checklist

  • Dust ceiling corners, lights, ceiling

  • Dust vents and light fixtures

  • Dust shelves and personal items

  • Dust window treatment and window sill

  • Clean window glass

  • Shower/tub: wipe down sides, faucet, and handle, shelves, soap dish, bottles, scrub out bottom. Shower door, glass if applicable. Close shower curtain.

  • Wipe mirror

  • Wipe walls around sink

  • Dust/sanitize lightswitch cover. Dust outlet covers if needed.

  • Counter/sink surfaces, sink basin, faucet and handles, scrub edges of basin and around faucet and handles and around drain

  • Wipe backsplash and wall behind sink/toilet

  • Clean front/sides of cabinets

  • Dust baseboards

  • Disinfect all surfaces of toilet on outside and inside, clean crevices, wipe floor and wall behind toilet

  • Dust off toilet brush, plunger

  • Disinfect all sides of trash can

  • Wipe down stools and other large items- pick up and move to get all hair

  • Shake out rugs and floor mats

  • Vacuum and mop floor

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