The Ultimate Hopin Event Checklist

  • Before your event

  • Preview your event.

    To preview your event, create it as “Hidden” or “Private” and click Go Live. When you’re ready to start promoting, change the setting to Public under the Key Details tab.

  • Register yourself for your event.

    Make sure you register yourself for your own event otherwise you won\'t be able to enter it.

  • Register your speakers.

    Have your speakers register themselves on Hopin. Use the Invite Users tab to send them an invitation by email. Once registered, enter their names and bios in the Speakers tab.

  • Do a test run on the Backstage.

    Test your speakers’ AV devices (and yours) in the Backstage before the event. You can share the backstage link and test it at any time before your event is live. Remember to turn off the broadcast!

  • Make sure Ticket Matching is correct.

    Make sure your ticket holders can meet other ticket holders in the Networking area under Ticket Matching. By default, a ticket holder only meets with individuals holding the same type of ticket, so this may be something you want to adjust.

  • Optional: Contact your attendees directly.

    Hopin sends automatic reminder emails to your attendees about your event. But if you wish to contact them yourself, you can download a CSV file of your attendees, and contact them directly. It can be a good idea to provide a personalized orientation or "What to expect" note for your event, if you choose.

  • During your event

    To manage your live event, open three tabs:

    1) the backstage (to present on Stage)

    2) the event itself (as an attendee, to join Sessions, etc.)

    3) the event dashboard (to make changes on the fly).

  • You don\'t need to "start" your event.

    Your event opens 5 minutes before the start time. There is nothing you need to do to “start” your event. It’s automatic. Most people kick off their event with a Welcome on Stage.

  • Double check your audio.

    In the Backstage, double check your audio before you hit "Broadcast to Stage." Click the gear icon and confirm your mic is selected.

  • Present your slides.

    To present your slides in the Backstage, follow these steps: Open your slides in a new tab. In the Backstage, click Screenshare. Share the tab with your slides. Turn off your webcam. Double-click your slides to make them bigger. All set!

  • Mute the front Stage.

    You will probably have the Stage in one browser tab and the Backstage in another. Make sure you MUTE the front Stage so that your audio doesn\'t loop!  

  • Direct your attendees.

    To direct people around your event, mention the plan on Stage and use the event chat to post where everyone should be. You can link to the area you want people to go to. For example, drop a link to the specific Session you want your attendees to join in the Event chat.

  • Replace the Stage with a pre-recorded video.

    When you’re done with your live Stage segment, switch to a pre-recorded video. You can do this by going to your event dashboard and under Segments in the Stage section and switching from “Hopin” to YouTube/Vimeo/Wistia, input the video URL, and hit Save.

  • Tell your guests about the Hopin double-clicking "Pro Tip."

    Remind users they can double-click any screen in Sessions to make it bigger.

  • After your event

  • View your event summary.

    The event summary appears in your event dashboard when your event is over. The event summary provides data about your event, such the turnout, number of connections made, and recordings.

  • Save your attendee contact list.

    Download your attendee list under the View Attendees tab and upload it to your email provider to follow up with them later. See below.

  • Distribute the event recordings.

    Send the links to your video recordings or download them to edit and upload onto another platform (i.e., YouTube, etc.) to share them with you attendees.

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