How to Stay Productive During Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus Self Quarantine
  • Make sure you get showered and dressed every morning. It\'s important to start out each morning feeling refreshed and to keep your morning routine

  • Start doing yoga from home. Try Yoga with Adriene on Youtube

  • Join an online bookclub (Reese Witherspoon\'s Hello Sunshine is a good one to start) and make time to read for at least 30 minutes a day

  • Cook meals together with your loved ones at home with you. Or download and sign up for the Food Network Kitchen app and watch live interactive cooking classes

  • Virtually visit some of the best museums in the World

  • Teach yourself something new everyday. It could be as simple as learning a new hairstyle. There\'s a tutorial for almost everything online

  • FaceTime with a friend or family member once a day or even send an email, ecard or a letter to a special someone

  • Tackle those home projects on your list. Decluttering and organizing for spring will make you feel really great and productive

  • Get some fresh air everyday and go for a long walk

  • Plan some movie at home nights. Make a list of the movies you would like to see or ones you want to watch again

  • Download or play some games. I\'m sure you even have some old games or puzzles stored away. Brain games are also a great way to keep your mind active

  • Teach yourself a foreign language. There are tons of great free apps you can use

  • Give yourself an at home spa day

  • Bake something. Use up that mix that you were gifted during the holidays

  • Make some fun cocktails or have a wine tasting

  • Plan a future vacation. Use this time to research hotels and all the things you would like to see and do on your trip

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