Tech and Startup Podcasts

  • Indie Hackers – This podcast is centered around developers with entrepreneurial mindsets. Very inspiring, the guests are relatable and the questions are great.

  • How I built this – Great stories behind some of the big brands around us. High production value and very entertaining!

  • Masters of Scale – Stories about silicon valley entrepreneurs that scaled their business to huge proportions. Reid Hoffman tells their stories, mixed with interview segments.

  • A16z – Discussion about tech and culture trends from an investors perspective. Interesting insides and opinions.

  • Recode Decode – A podcast hosted by Kara Swisher. Very direct and hard interview style, which is awesome. Different interesting topic around the tech world.

  • Request for Commits – All about open source. Deep insights and discussions on a different topic each episode. From governance and licenses to documentation.

  • Fragmented – Easy going discussion and interviews about Android and relevant tech. Great to stay up to date with Android dev.

  • Swift Unwrapped – A Swift podcast that was recommended by the guys who did "Immutable" and "Runtime", both of which have been shut down. It's on my ToDo list ;)

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