Is Geography Destiny

  • Go to THE ANNEX@

  • Find your teacher\'s spreadsheet

  • File-> Make a copy -> Rename it

  • Clean up cells so that they only have numbers

  • Delete sheets for other class periods (right-click on tab "carrot")

  • Duplicate you class period\'s sheet 4 times (right-click on tab "carrot")

  • Rename each sheet one of the following: GDP, Infant Mortality, HDI, % Below Poverty Line, Population Density

  • In each sheet, delete all rows that are not the 1st row + the data set in the sheet name (hold control, command, or shift button while clicking to save time)

  • In each sheet, highlight the remaining rows, and click insert -> chart

  • Click on 3 dots at the top right of your chart and select "Move Chart to Own Sheet"

  • Rename the chart sheet "Data Set" Chart (e.g., GDP Chart)

  • Repeat chart creation process for each data set sheet. There will be five altogether.

  • Click on 3 dots in top right of charts to customize each one

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