Ultimate Checklist To Make Extra Money on Turo

  • Define your goal. Do you want to make money out of an existing car? Or you want to buy a brand new car and use Turo to paid off.

  • Figured out how much you can earn

  • Go to turo.com

  • Search the nearby areas for similar cars like yours. The same type of car, same class.

  • Calculate the average daily price for a similar vehicle

  • Estimate your earnings.

    I usually use this formula.

    First calculating an average rental month:

    ( [average daily rate] * 15 ) * 0.7 = Earning per month

    Then calculating a good rental month:

    ( [average daily rate] * 25 ) * 0.7 = Earning per month"0.7" represent your portion of earnings. Turo takes 30% to themselves. 

    Ex.:Average daily rental price in my area for 2015 Honda Civic is $35

    $35 * 15 * 0.7 = 367.5$35 * 25 * 0.7 = 612.5

    Your earning range can be anywhere between $367 and $612. 

  • Decide if estimated earnings are enough to achieve your goal defined in task #1

  • Create your car listing at turo.com

  • Take 10+ good quality pictures of your car

  • Add description. Do not try to be super creative. It should be easy to read.

  • Pick a price. I recommend using auto pricing (especially if you new to Turo). I also recommend bumping a price by 1-2 dollars once you have 2-5 trips and 5 start rating

  • Start earning money. Cha-ching!

This checklist was created by passive_income

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