Pokemon Yellow Post-Game Completionist Checklist

  • Pokedex Entries

  • See all 150 Pokemon (not including Mew)

  • Register all 150 Pokemon as caught in the Pokedex (not including Mew)

  • See this checklist: bit.ly/YellowPokedex

  • Obtain Vulpix - Celadon City Game Corner Left Prize Window for 1000C

  • Obtain Porygon - Celadon Game Corner Middle Window for 9999C

  • Capture Snorlax - Static Encounters on Route 12 and Route 16, requiring the Poke Flute (only two)

  • Capture Articuno - Static Encounter at Seafoam Islands B4F (only one)

  • Capture Zapdos - Static Encounter at Power Plant (only one)

  • Capture Moltres - Static Encounter in Victory Road 2F (only one)

  • Capture Mewtwo - Static Encounter in Cerulean Cave B1F (only one)

  • Talk to the Game Director inside the Celadon Mansion in Celadon City to receive the Diploma after catching all 150 Pokemon (not including Mew) **Note: if playing on a GameBoy Color and a GameBoy Printer is available, the Diploma may be printed

  • Bonus: Capture Mew - Event Pokemon not currently available through standard gameplay. Mew may be glitched into the game by following these instructions: bit.ly/RedBlueMewGlitch. This also appears to work in the 3DS Virtual Console.

  • Collectibles and Gifts

  • Obtain all TMs - see this checklist: https://bit.ly/RedBlueYellowTMs

  • Obtain all In-Game Gift Pokemon

  • Bulbasaur - Obtained in the house west of the Cerulean City Pokemon Center if Pikachu is in a "Happy Mood."

  • Charmander - Obtained north of Nugget Bridge from the trainer on the raised platform in the north-west corner of Route 25.

  • Squirtle - Obtained from Officer Jenny in the middle of Vermillion City after obtaining the Thunder Badge from Lt. Surge.

  • Magikarp - Sold by the Magikarp salesman in the Route 4 Pokemon Center for ₽500.

  • Omanyte/Kabuto - Retrieve the Helix or Dome Fossil from Mt. Moon and have it revived on Cinnabar Island. Only one fossil per game file.

  • Aerodactyl - Retrieve the Old Amber from the Pewter Museum of Science and have it revived on Cinnabar Island.

  • Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan - Given after defeating the Karate Master in the Saffron City Fighting Dojo. Only one Pokemon given per game file.

  • Eevee - Given by a man on the Celadon Mansion rooftop in Celadon City. Enter in the back door.

  • Lapras - Given by a Silph. Co Employee in the Silph Co. Headquarters 7F after defeating Blue

  • Complete all In-Game Trades

  • Trade an Abra to a boy on Route 2 outside of Diglett\'s Cave to receive a Mr. Mime

  • Trade a Cubone to a girl in the Route 5 Underground Tunnel North Exit to receive a Machoke -- immediately evolves into a Machamp

  • Trade a Lickitung to a man upstairs in the Route 11 Guardhouse to receive a Dugtrio

  • Trade a Tangela to the man upstairs in the Route 18 Guardhouse to receive a Parasect

  • Trade a Golduck to an old man in the Cinnabar Island Laboratory to receive a Rhyhorn

  • Trade a Growlithe to a girl in the Cinnabar Island Laboratory to receive a Dewgong

  • Trade a Kangaskhan to a Scientist in the Cinnabar Island Laboratory to receive a Muk

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