How to Make Content Upgrades with PLR

  • Grab some PLR (I used a sample from PiggyMakesBank

  • Unzip your package, choose the checklist (I used a package with a checklist included), make a copy, and edit

  • Change Fonts, Colors, and add any branding you want (could be company specific images)

  • Add a call to action (this can be an Upsell for a companion eBook or Disaster Prep. kit or mailing list)

  • Save document then convert to PDF (make sure you add your name, tags, and title to document)

  • Upload to a PDF sharing site like DropBox, GDrive, SlideShare, etc.

  • Alternative: set up an autoresponder with the content from the package (disaster package) then lead to your product

  • Go to to make a quick duplicate Checklist (I took one section - Documents to Have in a Disaster)

  • Save your checklist as a PDF (grab the code from and add it to your blog post)

  • Use a screen capture tool like JING from TechSmith to capture the Image of your checklist and the LIST

  • Go to PicMonkey, set the custom canvas to 700 x 2000

  • Upload your screenshots to fit into your custom canvas

  • Crop to fit (mine was 700 x 1052)

  • Add your logo or CTA (get more checklists at YOUR URL)

  • Save your image and Upload to Pinterest

  • *Image is a PLR Planner Bundle by Alice Seba and Team at Publish for Prosperity

  • * some links may be affiliate links and I\'ll earn a referral commission if you click + buy a PLR package

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