Checklist for My Website Redesign

  • I have checked my Google Analytics and benchmarked my current metrics:

  • Number of visits/visitors/unique visitors

  • Bounce Rate

  • Time on Site

  • Current SEO rankings for important keywords

  • Total amount of sales generated (if applicable)

  • Number of new leads/forms submitted

  • I have set a goal for each of the metrics that I am tracking

  • Overall Appearance

  • My font is a size and color that makes it easy for my website visitors to read

  • My navigation is clear and easy to understand

  • My Home Page

  • I have identified my unique value proposition and it is clearly and succinctly communicated on my home page

  • I have created a positioning statement for my home page that immediately confirms who I work with and what they achieve from working with me

  • My home page content answers the most common questions that my prospective customer might ask and tells them the next thing to do

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • I have verified that my website is, or is not, considered "mobile-friendly" by Google by checking at

  • I have checked my page speed metrics at

  • My website has been optimized for search

  • Lead Generation

  • I have identified which are my best sources of traffic and leads

  • I have a clear and compelling "Call to Action" on my home page for someone to sign up for my list

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