Fallout DarkRP Fixes

  • Change Independent category color and job colors to the original orange

  • Fix Vault Overseer slots

  • Remove [VIP] from VIP job names

  • Change Surgeon name to Follower of the Apocalypse BUT don\'t change the TEAM_SURGEON, change playermodel to Klein

  • Change Legionnaire to Legionary and change the job command as well

  • Change Decannus to Decanus and job command too

  • Make Hellfire non-donator and vote

  • Change "RDM and KoS Classes" to "Wasteland Creatures"

  • Rename "The Strip" category to "New Vegas" and rename the category in each job

  • Change Radio Host playermodel back to what it was

  • Change Waster to Wastelander and use old playermodel

  • Add Tunnel Snakes as a job to Vault and MOVE Tunnel Snake playermodels FROM vault dweller TO Tunnel Snakes

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