Salvage Liquidation Team Checklist

  • Review SalvLiqRef Inbox for new referrals

  • Relay information from referral to SalvLiq Team Excel Spreadsheet

  • Determine from referral if the claim is accepted or not (if not accepted, why?)

  • Reassign accepted salvages to appropriate team member (HQ- John M. , FSC- Dustin S.)

  • Review surveyor/GA reports for pictures, extent of damages, COL, storage fees, etc..

  • Use info from reports of assigned claims to determine salvage value (if not already determined previously)

  • Use salvage value to either consign or dispose (if potential buyer interested, get offer for sale directly from company to buyer)

  • Consignments: Use appropriate consignment company forms, draft sale of salvage docs, PDF appropriate o/s docs to be attached to sale of salvage document...

  • draft description with photos from surveyor/GA reports to be sent via email with the sale of salvage document to consignment company. Mail docs to consignment company.

  • Disposals: Review current location of vessel (if at storage facility attempt to trade salvage for storage fees), draft disposal quote request email to disposal companies in the area, attach...

  • description and photos of salvage from surveyor/GA report. Allow 7 days for bids to come in, ending on end at the end of business day on the 7th day. Notify all bidders via BCC on email of winning..

  • quote and amount. Notify winning quote individually, draft sale of slvg docs and mail to disposer. Await invoice for payment.

  • Post-Sold/Post-Disposed: Final review of claim for any outstanding invoices or charges that are owed. Pay invoices/charges if due

  • Close claim when finalized and update SalvLiq spreadsheet of closed claim (sold- $$$ or disposed-$$$)

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