To Do - 03/31/17

  • 1- sweep out garage - just the side with no cars

  • 2- put away all dry/ hanging clothes that are yours in the laundry room as well as on the drying rack in the family room

  • 3- feed captain

  • 4- take captain out for at least 1/2 hour- play with him- maybe try to get him to jump over toys in wicker toy box

  • 5- put away/ throw out 3 things on your desk

  • 6- clean out back pack- dump it all out and toss and throw what you can. please sweep where you clean it

  • 7- straighten up under cabinet in your bathroom

  • 8- clean stainless in kitchen - work hard on bottom of dishwasher- I got some of the floor wax on it, so try to scrub hard and get some of that off. You probably will not be able to get it all off.

  • 9- homework- please start and work hard on.

  • 10- bring any fans from bedrooms down to basement, plug in and face the carpet to try to dry it out.

  • 11- apply for 2 jobs

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