Tourism 2017

  • Hello from Digital DNA! To help get the most out of your involvement with Tourism 2017, we have created an easy to use checklist outlining key dates and the information that we require:

  • NOW: Provide Business Information (required)

  • Submit Online Form here:

  • 27th April: Register Passes (required)

  • Register here: \'Delegate passes\' refer to all your staff, clients and studio session hosts who are in the event. These MUST be registered under your allocation.

  • Use your Promotional Code - if provided. Be sure to check your registration email to see if you are eligible for a discount!

  • 4th May: Provide Studio Session Information (if applicable):

  • Submit Studio Session Information here:

  • Upload Studio Session Presentation here:

  • 2nd November: Provide Ad Copy (if applicable):

  • Submit Ad Copy here:

  • Submit Content (optional to all):

  • All content must follow our content guidelines. Find more information here:

  • Submit Content here:

  • Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help completing this information outlined above.

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