Content Refresh Checklist

  • Format - headings, bold, italics, bullets, numbered lists, white space, short paragraphs

  • Images - new or additional for social networks bringing the most traffic and sales

  • Keywords - what is the post currently ranking for? Can you improve it?

  • Titles - SEO rich titles. Use a tool like

  • Social Triggers - add click-to-tweets, PDF downloads, or "Pin for later" triggers

  • Comments or Tips - add tips or questions from readers from your comments section

  • Research or Statistics - add updated statistics or new research findings

  • Interviews - interview experts you mentioned

  • Quotes - add some picture quotes or click-to-tweets from experts

  • Trailer - add a blog post trailer to entice readers to click-through (

  • Audio - add an audio version of your post (

  • GIF - add a relevant gif that adds an emotional or comedic response to your content

  • Content Upgrade - add a bonus to your blog (PDF, audio, video, checklist, or webinar replay

  • Clean Up - edit your post, check for grammar errors, spelling errors (

  • Monetize - add a recommendation for your products or service (or affiliate)

  • Call to Action - add a relevant call to action (Google: Ann Smarty Call to Actions)

  • Transitions - can you improve (or add) better transitions? intro? conclusion? cta?

  • Image SEO - add alt tag and descriptions to your images (YoastSEO for WordPress)

  • Social Sharing - check or add social sharing buttons (SocialWarfarePlugin)

  • Examples - can you share an example of a concept?

  • Details - can you add a video walkthrough? screenshots? or how to do something?

  • Stories - add personal stories to your post

  • Interlink - connect your old posts to your new posts and new post to your old posts

  • Bad links - check for broken links (Wordpress plugin or

  • Opt-in - add an optin form (see Content Upgrade) to grow your mailing list

  • Read the Post to learn more

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