Risking Rejection

  • Sit quietly with a piece or paper or the Notes app on your phone

  • Take a minute and think about all the things your mind has been wrestling with lately:  the things you need or want to do, but fearful of do.  The could have to do with work, relationships, finances, your health

  • Take another minute and list them out - no action is too big or small at t

  • Cross off or delete those actions that don\'t contribute to you healing or growing.  Keep those that will most likely have a positive impact 

  • Now ... choose ONE act which gives you that nervous/excited feeling.  It should give you butterflies in your stomach, but you also kinda REALLY want to do it too

  • Calendar it.  Write down when you will do this act.  Will it be today?  Tomorrow?

  • If it\'s helpful, visit the Scare Your Soul site and anonymously tell our community what you have proudly committed to do:  www.scareyoursoul.com/riskit

  • If you get nervous, try Tim Ferris\' "worst-case scenario" method.  Draft out every bad thing that could potentially go wrong.  Most likely, they are not as bad as you might think

  • Take action 

  • Share your story.  Post on Facebook or Instagram what you did and use the hashtags #scareyoursoul and #takeaction Remember, sharing is what inspires others

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