Free Restaurant Host and Hostess Side Work Checklist

Restaurant Server side work checklist Server side work checklist
  • Opening

  • Be on time and ready to work when shift begins. Turn off your cell phone.

  • Know the scheduled private parties, seating chart and server sections; menu specials and "86" list; entertainment schedule and local events that could impact business;

  • Set up host station

  • (a) menus are clean and faced;

  • (b) mints, toothpicks and takeout menus are full;

  • (c) seating chart and server sections are mapped; 

  • (d) pens, pencils and reservation sheets are stocked;

  • (e) sanitizer towel for quick clean ups.

  • Make sure entrance, foyer, waiting area and bathrooms are clean.

  • Stock retail items, brochures and newspapers.

  • Make sure that the dining room is clean and orderly.

  • If host duties include cashiering, count bank and make sure there is enough change  for the shift

  • During shift

  • Dust tables, shelves, cabinets, fixtures and display in the foyer.

  • Straighten furniture and clean  floors as needed.

  • Check entrance, foyer and restrooms frequently.

  • Make sure someone covers the door if ypu leave for more than a minute.

  • Greet and seat guests with menus accourding to the section rotation. Tell servers when they have new guests.

  • Check that the guests drink orders are taken promptly.

  • If service gets behind slow down the flow by using the waiting list. Be honest with guest about wait time.

  • Promptly handle guest issues. Involve a manager if needed.

  • Closing

  • Restock host station.

  • Leave entrance and foyer clean and orderly.

  • Prepare lists for next day\'s private parties, seating chart and sections.

  • Complete checkout and prepare your drop. Make sure all credit slips and guest tickets are accounted for. Face cash.

  • Manager signs off on check out and side work before you leave.

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