Adding your own dresses to Dresses And Outfits

  • Open dresses and outfits:

  • Press see inside

  • Press remix (the green button) This makes a copy for you to edit. Any changes you make will now be saved.

  • All the clothing and hair sprites will be numbered. Delete all these number sprites EXCEPT dress 1. You need the scripting for this. Do not delete any of the top row of sprites. These are not clothes.

  • Delete all costumes of the sprite named "1". Import (from your computer) or make your own. This will work best if the different costumes follow my pattern; make 1 costume, duplicate it, add a gradient to one of them.

  • Go to the scripts area. The top script will begin "when this sprite clicked". Disconnect the top of this from the rest of the script. 

  • The second script should have several custom blocks attached to it. (they are pink). The top one will say "set normal position to x: y: ". Change these inputs to match the current x and y position of the dress. You can see the coordinates in the bar above the sprites section.

  • Start the project, change the backdrop until your new dress shows, and drag it around. When you are happy with where it is, move on to the next step.

  • The next block says "appear in backdrop ()". This will tell the sprite when to show and hide. That is how I do the themes for each backdrop. Change it if you want to.

  • The next block says "set normal size to: " play around with the size until the dress appears a good size. I can normally fit around 8 or so dresses on a slide.

  • Reconnect the top script. 

  • Go to the costumes tab for "dialogue box". Delete all the costumes starting with "d". EXCEPT for d1. (stands for dress.) Every time you add a dress / item of clothing, make a new costume for the dialogue box e.g. d1, d2, d3.... d56. That costume will have a number and the name of the dress. the costumes starting with b mark the backdrop themes. You can change those as well.

  • Check that is still works! (and keep making things!)

  • The next block says "set identifier to ()". Each sprite needs a different identifier. I put it so that the sprite named "1" has an identifier of 1, etc. If you need to, change it.

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