Funnel Checklist

  • There are no technical issues with my funnel (hoplinks, CTAs, UTM parameters...)

  • There is a pre-defined purpose for my test

  • Each one of Keegan\'s elements to a million dollar ad is in my script

  • My advertisement is focused on 1 angle/mechanism

  • My advertisement has a killer hook and opening scene (gut feeling)

  • My advertisement is dripping with curiosity in it\'s first 30 seconds (if I had this problem, I would be dying to know more)

  • My advertisement is totally congruent and continuous with the information presented in the VSL

  • My lander\'s headline, image, ad copy and angle is totally congruent with my advertisement along with information in the VSL

  • I put my best effort forward in creating a high quality funnel that will connect with people and provide a valuable solution to their problem, ensuring I am 100% deserving of the wealth and profits this funnel will provide to me

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