Module 4 Checklist

  • Video Lesson: (Link to FB Live video in portal) Your Business Blueprint

  • Your Business Blueprint: Take notes or print Active Processing Worksheet and work through the processes outlined.

  • Your Business Blueprint: Share your thoughts with your Pod or in the community.

  • Video Lesson: Traffic Strategies (Link to FB Live video in portal)

  • Traffic Strategies: Take notes or use worksheet to work through the process and develop your personal Traffic Strategy. What elements will you use to begin with?

  • Traffic Strategies: Process with your pod or share in the group- what traffic strategy have you developed?

  • Video Walkthrough: Shout Dashboard Tour & First Bot creation with Jenn Stitt. Link to FB live in Portal. 

  • Join Shout

  • Begin thinking through how you\'d like to bring existing customers over. Check the processing  post specifically for existing customers:

  • Video: Link to FB Live in Portal: Shout Wrap up/ Q&A

  • New content for Shout is coming this week but YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT for it to start figuring things out yourself. it is very self-explanatory. YOU GOT THIS. Just be sure to use a computer not a phone.

  • Video Lesson Linked to FB Live: How I practice the 80/20 Principle- Kari Adams.

  • What might you want to become a part of your 80/20 routine? What fills your tank? 

  • Check in with your Pod. How is everyone doing? Where are people feeling really strong? Where are they challenged? What changes have you seen already? What are you wanting to see this next week?

  • Think back on the idea from last week of a Blue Ocean/Niche. What makes you different? What are your unique interests, strengths, talents or gifts, quirks or other things that make you unique. How can you shape you voice so that it calls your tribe to you even as you serve anyone within "earshot" with your products? 

  • Don\'t think you have a blue ocean? That\'s fine, begin brainstorming all the things in LIFE (not business) that you most love. Who are you? What are your strongest identifying traits? How could these things create a solid brand identity that would appeal to your tribe?

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