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After a lifetime of finding it difficult to focus and remember simple tasks, our founder Marvin Russell needed a simple and easy way to manage the growing list of countless tasks he had to do as a serial entrepreneur. Marvin soon realized he wasn't alone. Most humans can't remember five or six simple tasks, let alone 100's of tasks. That's why we forget basic things, like milk at the grocery store.

In 2012, Marvin came up with a simple solution: make a checklist. He made checklists for everything in his life including: work tasks, articles to read, people to email or call, groceries to pick up, christmas gifts to buy, cities he wanted to visit, restaurants he wanted to eat at, and so much more.

After discovering that most online checklist tools were too complicated and bloated with features for big businesses and big projects, Marvin decided that there needed to be something more simple and for regular people like moms, dads, students, teachers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or anyone else who wanted to be way more productive. It needed to look and feel like a simple checklist, but have the power, speed, and accessibility of an online application.

...so Marvin created Checkli