The Story of Checkli

Take a moment to read the history and story of Checkli.

I've worried my entire life. In school that worrying turned into anxiety. I was no longer worrying, I was panicking.

Enourmous energy coupled with endless things I needed to do left me with an inability to focus. After graduating college I channeled my energy into bcoming an entrepreneur, and found myself suffereing from more anxiety.

The doctors tried to give me Ritalin and Adderall, but I wouldn't take them.

One day, I tried making a simple checklist to organize the chaos in my mind and eureka! It worked. I felt so relaxed and so organized. I started making checklists for everything. The more checklists I made, the less anxiety I felt.

Our mind can often feel like pure chaos. Think of checklists as the ultimate plugin for the mind. They help you remember everything.

I founded Checkli so I could share my love of checklists with the world.

Founder of Checkli

Meet the Team

A few of the people behind the scenes at Checkli.

Marvin Russell


I do quite a few things at Checkli including product strategy and design, as well as digital strategy and marketing.

Simon Kateregga

Software Engineer

As a Lead Software Engineer at Checkli, I work on product development, new feature implementations, and product maintenance.

Brock Ferguson

Senior Tech Advisor

I'm a Senior Tech Advisor at Checkli. I oversee all technology and development to make sure everything works all the time.