How to be ☆aesthetic☆

  • be born

  • grow up

  • purchase a polaroid

  • make a tumblr account

  • paint everything pastel

  • like everything

  • im serious

  • become a pro at makeup


  • know your memes

  • be innocent

  • but like

  • not innocent

  • you know?

  • high waisted skirt and crop tops

  • converse

  • get a pretty pastel apartment

  • dye your hair pastel

  • get neon lights

  • minimalistic tattoos

  • tbh minimalistic everything

  • make an instagram (stick to the fricking color scheme)

  • vaporwave

  • buy record player/records (AHH YES I LOVE THIS ONE)

  • beanies

  • big circle glasses

  • holographic (holosexuality)

  • type in all lower case (screw grammar)

  • glitchy stuff


  • cry about being poor because you spent it all on being aesthetic

  • but hEY now you\'re aesthetic

  • (this was a joke)

This checklist was created by morgaleese

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