Sunday Coord Checklist

  • Tasks before Sunday

  • Coordinate with PW Team for songs

  • Coordinate with COS/Leaders for new announcements

  • Coordinate with Creatives team for posters

  • Create program flow and send for printing

  • Send program flow and posters to Media team

  • Send Host script/talking points

  • Download Video Message (of applicable)

  • Tasks before Sunday: Communion Sunday

  • Ask Host/COS for exhortation verse

  • Tasks on Sunday

  • Coordinate with Media team for exhortation verse

  • Brief Host

  • Confirm PW song line-up and coord with Media

  • Brief Media Team

  • By 9:15 usher should be ready and in position

  • By 9:30 PW team should be done practicing. Stage is clear

  • By 9:45 Media team should be playing video/background music loop

  • By 9:55 Media team should start countdown

  • Tasks on Sunday: Communion Sunday

  • Remind keyboardist to play during communion

  • Remind Host to cue ushers for elements distribution. Also be mindful to remind them if ever Host forgets

  • Remind ushers to prepare communion elements

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