B1 & B3: Unit 4 Checklist

  • I have completed the Notes for Unit 4 in my Interactive Notebook.

  • I have completed the Transversal Puzzles on a sheet of notebook paper and turned them into the basket. (Posted in Canvas.)

  • I have completed the Parallel Lines & Transversals Pyramid Puzzle. (On Paper)

  • I have completed {at least} 50 problems on Freckle for the week of 11/26 - 11/30.

  • I have studied the Unit 4 Vocabulary Quizlet on at least 3 different occasions. (Link in Canvas.) https://quizlet.com/_5oigy3I

  • I have completed the Word Search and Crossword Puzzle for Weekly Homework. (On Paper)

  • FRIDAY 11/3O: I have taken the Vocabulary Quiz on Unit 4 in Canvas. (In Canvas.)

  • FRIDAY 11/30: I have taken the CFA on Parallel Lines and Transversals. (Link in Canv

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