Senior Year - Fall

  • First Things First!

  • Narrow Down Your List of Schools

  • Colleges WILL look at your Senior Grades & Class Schedule - keep up the hard work!

  • Stay Involved in Extracurriculars and Volunteer!

  • Take the SAT and/or ACT

  • Fill Out College Applications

  • CalState Application Opens October 1st and is Due by November 30th

  • UC Application Opens August 1st and is Due by November 30th

  • Out-of-State & Private Application Deadlines Vary

  • Write Your Personal Essays & Have Someone Look Over Them

  • Request Letters of Recommendation Well Ahead of Time

  • Financial Aid

  • Start Applying for Scholarships - Deadlines are All Year Round

  • Fill Out the FAFSA ( Starting Oct. 1st

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