9 Ways to Celebrate & Support Female Entrepreneurs: October is National Women's Small Business Month

9 Ways to Celebrate & Support Female Entrepreneurs
  • 12 Statistics on Female Entrepreneurs:   https://www.checkli.com/checklists/anthonycaliendo/12-million-reasons-to-celebrate-national-womens-small-business-month-1  

  • #BuyFemale: Buy from #WomenOwned businesses in October and year round, and hire women-led businesses. 

  • Mentor a female small business owner. Your local Chamber or professional organization can connect you with a woman entrepreneur who needs advise.  

  • Read a book by a female entrepreneur. See my list of new books for small business owners and entrepreneurs: https://www.checkli.com/checklists/anthonycaliendo/12-new-books-for-entrepreneurs-sales-and-small-business-owners-to-boost-your-business-in-2019 

  • Give a Google, Yelp or Facebook online review to a women-owned business that you patronize. 

  • Use your social media sites to promote women-owned businesses.

  • Hire a woman. 

  • Sign up for their blog or newsletter or follow them on social media. 

  • Refer and introduce a women-owned business to a colleague. 

  • Invest in a female entrepreneur. Dana Kanze\'s TEDx talk said  women own nearly 40% of businesses in the United States, yet they receive just 2% of venture funding.

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