Small Business Crisis Checklist

Small Business Crisis Checklist
  • Before A Crisis

  • Identify Types of Potential Crises: What types of crises is your business likely to encounter? What crises have your competitors encountered? 

  • Designate A Crisis Management Response Team: Who on your team will be involved in a crisis response? Do you need to hire a PR firm?

  • Provide Media Training: Many crises 

  • During A Crisis

  • Identify a Spokesperson: Who will update employees, customers, stakeholders or the media about the crisis? 

  • Get The Facts: While a quick response is important to provide information and reassurance, make sure you have the correct information before making an internal or public response. 

  • Be Honest: Never lie to the public or the media about what happened. Take responsibility as needed, 

  • Use Social Media Strategically: A public response to a crisis may be required. Review previously scheduled social media posts and listen to 

  • After A Crisis

  • Evaluate Your Crisis Team Response: What worked, and what didn\'t work?

  • Update Your Crisis Plan: What lessons have been learned, and what should be done differently?

  • Annual Review: Each year review and update your crisis plan and train your team on what to do if a crisis occurs. 

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