Toptal scholarship checklist

  • DAY 0

  • Familiarize with application form

  • DAY 1

  • Update LinkedIn or Resume

  • DAY 2

  • Push all your relevant projects into Github and add ReadMe section for the relevant ones

  • Create your blogging site or make an account in blogging site like Medium

  • Create  a skype account if you don\'t have one

  • DAY 3

  • Jot down points to include in your blog post

  • make shitty draft of "What will you do with this scholarship question"

  • DAY 4-5

  • Make a shitty draft of your blog

  • Iterate to your earlier shitty draft of Day 3

  • DAY 6

  • Draft the final copy of your blog and short answer

  • give it to the reviewers

  • DAY 7/8

  • Publish your blog

  • Fill in your application with basic details

  • Submit application

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