Tristan for Monday, 9/11/17

  • Watch CNN 10 at

  • XtraMath Student Login is email: Jack\'s, first name: Tristan, PIN: 9130

  • Do 3 lessons of typing at Login: tristanhock pw: teafort007

  • Do 2 Read theory at (tristanhock / teafort007)

  • Go to and do Day 1 and Day 2. Use a timer.

  • Go to and make sure Days 1 - 8 are done, every part, completely.

  • Have Mom check everything that you have done.

  • Listen to this Make sure you have listened to Foreword, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2

  • Complete all of the folder work I have left you.

  • Do Math with Grandma!

  • Play Free Rice Multiplication for 10 minutes.

  • Play Free Rice Spanish for 10 minutes.

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