7 steps to better manage your time

  • Perform tasks on time, and avoid jumping from one task to another

    it will only slow you down because you will: you will have unfinished tasks and it will take longer than it takes. Many people think that they can complete 20 tasks at once, but the quality of their implementation suffers from this.

  • Schedule for your tasks

    his applies to tasks from work (study) and personal, in which you invest time. For example, 8-9 am at this time: To read your messages and reply.

  • Glider and creating a performance system

    Start your day with planning, “important” tasks that need to be completed. To complete everything without failures until the end of the day. Creating a system that helps you do things that you do daily or weekly. And add additions to this routine.

  • Use a scheduler or calendar

    Use in electronic form (very convenient to carry, later I will tell you the top of free planning applications) or on paper (developing a glider for you). All this is necessary to have an idea “visually” about your time and plans for the day. Know how much you will be free for additional things. For example, if you had an idea to go to the gym every 3 days for a week, check before it is possible without complicating other tasks.

  • Set goals

    Organized people visualize GOALs set short or long term for achievement. Setting goals is extremely important, because in this way you give will acquire your tasks that are important, you need to pave the way and stay focused and have direction. You will keep the target “in front of your nose” and you will have motivation for this.

  • Set priorities

    Start doing what would be the most important or “difficult” task, the job will be easier to complete.

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