11 Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing Tips for Authors to Sell Their Book

11 Digital & Social Media Marketing for Authors
  • Create content for your readers, not for other authors: Many writers have blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts where they share information with other writers: not to their potential readers. Use your social media channels to build a following and relationships with your readers – both loyal and future readers.

  • Create a Facebook Event: Make a Facebook Event for your book release, book launch party or book signing. Invite all your contacts and share your Facebook Event on other social media platforms. 

  • Get active on GoodReads: Connect with book clubs and avid readers by creating an author profile on the Goodreads Author Program. Share your book on Goodreads, and and provide valuable reader resources.  

  • Build a mailing list: Use all those personal and business contacts you\'ve been collecting for years to promote your book. Let your contacts know that you\'ve written a book, what its about and how they can learn more about it and where to purchase it.  

  • Budget for paid advertising on social media: Certain book genres have done very well with paid Facebook ads: budget for book release promotion and sales ads through your Facebook page. Tip: Your book, or you, should have a book or author Facebook page!  

  • Cross-promote with other authors: Other authors in your genre can be your biggest fans and promoters. Build on-line relationships with other authors, and use your social media channels to promote each other’s books. There are many Facebook groups for authors, communities on Google +, websites, and online networks for authors. 

  • Find your social media niche: No one has the time to be on all social media channels, and all social media channels aren’t good for every author! Research your book demographics, and find and use the social media networks your target readers are on.  

  • Create a #HashTag campaign: Hashtags (words with a # in front that send a specific message to your audience and are searchable) are an effective tool for authors to share information with your audience. You can make a unique hashtag for your book or book launch campaign; or for a subject or character in your book.  

  • Get book reviews: If your book is for sale on Amazon or Barnes & Nobles, is listed in GoodReads, or if you have a dedicated Facebook page for your book, ask your buyers and readers to write a book review. Ask friends, family members and colleagues to write an online book review for you - and explain to them why it is so important for your book to have good book reviews. 

  • Learn about social media: Whether you’re a 1st-time or well-published author; whether you’re self-published or signed to a major publisher, authors need to harness the power of social media to sell more books. There are many social media experts, writers, trainers, managers, and strategists who share valuable advice for authors using social media.  

  • Make a video: Create a 60-90 second video introducing your book: who you are, what the book is about, why you wrote it and where it can be bought. Share your video on your social media, YouTube on your Amazon book page - and anywhere else you can think of! 

  • Learn More -->   Digital Marketing Tips for Authors That Sell Books   https://hirecatherine.com/f/11-digital-marketing-tips-for-authors-that-sell-books 

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