5 Smart But Simple Content Marketing Tips for Accountants

  • <b>Your Goal is to Attract Potential Clients:</b> You are not writing for other accountants! Use language that is clear: no jargon!

  • <b>Be Useful</b>: Informative, accurate and well-written content demonstrates your expertise and ability to communicate clearly. Poorly written or boring is a turn-off!

  • <b>Separate Your Personal and Professional Social Media</b>: Understand that your personal social media is just that: Personal!

  • <b>Promote Your Content</b>: It’s not enough just to have great content on your website: you need to publish your content on other platforms where your target audience sources reliable information.

  • <b>Newsletters</b>: A monthly or quarterly newsletter to your mailing list is ideal to share your news in one concise document.

  • Year-End Tax Planning Tips

  • Small Business Accounting worksheet

  • 6 Month’s Living Expenses spreadsheet

  • College Savings Strategies

  • Retirement Planning in Your 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s (that's 5 different blog posts!)

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