How to Write Contractor Estimates that Land More Jobs

  • Get on the same page with your client before writing the estimate by asking them about their expectations for the project (budget, timeline, etc.)

  • Give the customer a time window of when you’d be available to do the work — this creates a sense of urgency to book you now, rather than later.

  • Set a realistic timeline.

  • Line item material and labor expenses clearly.

  • Include all the basics in the estimate.

  • Break down of material and labor costs

  • Client name

  • Suppliers

  • Important dates and times

  • Terms and conditions

  • Be clear about your payment terms.

  • Determine if you need a deposit to cover material expenses.

  • Choose a mobile payment system that allows you to take payments over the phone, via email, or text like ChargeStripe.

  • Don’t forget to note your terms & conditions on the estimate.

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