How to Create a Media Kit

How to Create a Media Kit How to Create a Media Kit
  • Introduction/Bio

    Introduce yourself or your company will a well-written bio of your company or brand. You can include things like your mission statement, something unique your company does or offers, or your company story. 

  • Include professional headshot photos

    People like to see who they are working with. Include professional head shots of who your potential partners will be working with. 

  • Social media

    Include links to all your social media channels (with account handles)

    Include your following count

    Include screenshots that showcases your best of the best on your social media accounts. 

  • Your website statistics

    Things to include;

    monthly unique visits

    Monthly page views

    Audience demographic

    Your most popular content

    Your email subscribers

    Top ranking keywords

  • Think about what services you want to include and you want to gain from your media kit. 



    Sponsored posts/content 

    Speaking engagements

    Freelance writing

    Product reviews

    Affiliate advertising 

  • Highlight your services

    Highlight what makes your service, event, or product is one of the best. 

    Include your previous accomplishments, brands you have previously worked with,  other press you have received. 

  • Pricing is optional. You might want the brand to come back to you with a price that might be higher than you think.

    Or if you want to include pricing because it makes sense for your business, Include a breakdown of your pricing options.

  • Contact information

    Don\'t forget to include all your contact information. 

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