Why I left Greece

  • Because sexism and misogyny is the norm

  • Because workplace bullying is common and accepted

  • They still have laws against blasphemy

  • Children are taught the Greek Orthodox Religion at school

  • The \'official\' religion thinks I am not exactly human

  • Because the \'official\' religion trumps over human rights on a regular basis undisputed

  • Because I needed to make an appointment at the embassy and when I tried to book on Thursday the 20th of October the first available date was the 20th of January

  • Because ambition is laughted at and arrogance is considered confidense

  • Because some people are \'above the law\' and therefore there is no justice for anyone

  • Because without justice there is no real freedom

  • Because trying to better yourself through education and culture is considered a waste of time

  • Because banks treat me as a criminal rather than a customer and behave as if my savings are theirs and don\'t allow free access to it (for my \'own good\' and for \'security reasons\')

  • Because Greek goverment see this as normal and sides with the banks to make sure I am powerless against them.

This checklist was created by dellaporta

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