• Goals and Objectives defined

  • Scope and Limitations defined

  • Major Deliverables defined (Deliverables Plan)

  • Work Breakdown Structure completed

  • Top-down planning estimates created

  • Master Integrated Schedule completed

  • Product and Services Requirements defined

  • Organization Plan completed

  • Performance, Evaluation and Test Plan completed

  • Change Control Plan completed

  • Problem Tracking Plan completed

  • Documentation Plan completed

  • Risk Management Plan completed 

  • Reliability, Availability, Usability Plan completed 

  • Project Plan completed 

  • Opportunity Costs calculated 

  • Budget specified 

  • Financial Analysis completed 

  • Functional Deliverables defined 

  • High-level Functional Specification(s) completed 

  • Bottom-up task estimates created by Functional Groups 

  • Detailed Functional Planning and Schedules completed 

  • Functional Schedule Critical Path Analysis completed 

  • Master Schedule & Path aligned with Functional Groups 

  • Planning Phase Checklist completed

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