Leading Questions for Risk Identification

  • Initiating Phase 

  • Are the deliverables clearly understand by all? 

  • Are the critical success factors clear and measurable? 

  • Is the business sponsor / business team committed to the success of the project? 

  • Are the expectations of the teams involvement clearly laid out? 

  • Has the business sponsor changed during the project?

  •  Does the business and/or IT senior leadership believe in the business case for the project?   

  • Planning Phase

  • Is the schedule realistic or are activities and tasks set in overly optimistic? 

  • Is the budget realistic or based on unrealistic estimates? 

  • Does the project involve a large number of users? 

  • Is the project heavily reliant on third party resources to complete key deliverables on time?  

  • Does the team have prior experience with this company? 

  • Is there a high level of turnover in the business area affected? Is there a contingency plan? 

  • Are team members\' roles clearly laid out and documented? 

  • Is there any slack time or contingency built into the plan? 

  • Is there adequate Change Enablement / Communication plan in place? 

  • Does the project manager have enough time to focus on this project? 

  • Executing/Controlling Phase

  • Are there multiple third party companies involved in the project? 

  • Does the current team have prior experience with this type of project? 

  • Are there geographical constraints that will inhibit the success of the project? 

  • Is the budget being managed? 

  • Is the schedule being managed? 

  • Have key project resources turned over or changed during the course of the project? 

  • Closing Phase 

  • Have all deliverables been met? 

  • Are the customers satisfied with the product / service?

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