7 Ways to Accomplish an SEO-Friendly Website Rebranding

Website redesign Website redesign
  • Retain the Original Domain Name If You Can Domain names have power. They’re linked to your website popularity, ranking, and recognition. It’s unwise to change the domain name unless you absolutely have to and if your brand will benefit from it. 

  • Maintain Your Old Website for a Short Time 

  • Use Redirects Wherever Needed  Redirects will lead your old website’s traffic to the new site automatically. This will improve user experience and ensure your visitors don’t need to find your new website on their own. Redirects will also ensure search engine bots know where to crawl.

  • Preserve Existing Content if Possible Content is the anchor for traffic, backlinks, and keywords. By changing the content, you risk losing all of your build-up traffic and reputation. That’s why it is a good idea to preserve your old content as much as you can. 

  • Create a Mobile-Friendly Website If your old website wasn’t mobile-friendly, rebranding provides a perfect opportunity to rectify that mistake. Approximately, 52.4% of website traffic comes from mobile phones. Most shoppers prefer shopping on mobile instead of a desktop.

  • Create a Page to Explain the Change A rebrand can confuse customers and hamper user experience. This has a big impact on your reputation and can affect SEO. You can improve user experience and gain your audience’s trust by taking the time to explain things. 

  • Tell Everyone About Rebranding As mentioned in the previous point, rebranding has a significant impact on user experience. It is important to not blindside your audience with it. Give them ample forewarning that a rebranding is coming. 

  • Maintain Your Old Website for a Short Time It is always a good idea to maintain your old website for as long as possible while you launch a new one. Some SEO experts believe you should maintain the old website permanently while others recommend keeping it up for a few days.  

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