The 25 Best Meals in Chicago 2017

  • Blueberry Fritter at Stan's Donuts

  • Butter Cake at Mastro's - Worth a blocked artery!

  • Double Burger w/ Bacon, Cheese and fried Egg at Au Cheval - Holy shiznit!

  • Cheese Fries at Weiner Circle (Do not get them to go!) These are f*cking amazing!

  • Tony's Chicken w/ 3 Chili at Lao Sze Chuan

  • Crispy Shrimp with Lemon Sauce at Lao Sze Chuan

  • The Bread (Yes, the freaking bread!) at Osteria via Stato

  • Jeni's Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso Ice Cream! (Worth the long line)

  • Croque monsieur (Ask for it well done) at La Crêperie in Lakeview

  • Massaman Curry at Star of Siam

  • Smoked sausage or bratwurst on Gene's Rooftop in Lincoln Square

  • Pequod's Deep dish Pizza! (F*ck Uno)

  • A Double w/ Cheese at Billy Goat (No single! No Single! No Single!)

  • Homemade Breakfast Biscuits at Mortar and Pestle (A new little gem)

  • Ribs at Twin Anchors w/ Prohibition Sauce - HOLY HEAVENLY SH*T!

  • Chocolate and Almond Croissant at Beatrix

  • Flying Pork Wings at Flo Santos

  • Jumbo Alaskan King Crab Legs at Joe's

  • Smoked Salmon (On a Bagel w/ Cream Cheese) at Milk & Honey Cafe

  • Bulgogi Korean BBQ at San Soo Gab San

  • Buddha Bowl at Crisp in Lakeview

  • Pulpo a la Plancha (Octopus and Fries) at Cafe Iberico (Cover it in Hot sauce)

  • Portillo's Famous Chocolate Cake! (hope you like mayo!)

  • Rigatoni Boscaiola at La Gondola (so delizioso!!!)

  • Chicago-Style Hot Dog at Portillo's (Classic!)

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