GiGi's Playhouse

  • Program Name / Date / Lead Volunteer: ___________________________________________

  • Opening

  • Change sign on door to "Open"

  • Sign in on login sheet

  • Lights On

  • Turn on coffee maker (button on upper back; turns off automatically)

  • Adjust AC/Heat (2 thermostats)

  • Middle

  • Welcome other volunteers

  • Welcome and introduce families

  • Ask families to fill out a new Family Information form for 2018 if they haven\'t already (back of log book) . 

  • Put completed forms back in the log book for Erika to pick up.

  • Take pictures!!!  Text or email to Lilly Bell at 352-262-2360 or

  • Closing

  • Tidy up - toys, chairs, tables, etc.

  • Vacuum/Clean as needed

  • Take out trash as needed, ie. food or diapers (Kitchen, hallway, 2 bathrooms)

  • Adjust AC/Heat (2 thermostats)

  • Lights Off

  • Look over sign in sheet - fill in any missing names, times, etc.

  • Change sign on door to "Closed"

  • Lock up, leave key in realtor box

  • FYI this checklist:

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