Documents Required to Move To Canada

  • Carry all important documents with you: do NOT pack in your luggage.

  • Basic Documents Required to Move to Canada - Learn More:

  • A valid passport, passport card, NEXUS card or other travel document

  • Temporary Residence Visa

  • Photocopy of the personal information pages of your valid passport and all other essential documents

  • Proof of English (and sometimes French) language proficiency

  • Birth certificate

  • Financial information and disclosure of funds over $10,000 CAN

  • 2 copies of all the personal items you are bringing with you: Form BSF186

  • 2 copies of all your items that are arriving later

  • Health documentation including vaccinations

  • note: Documents may need to be translated into English or French.

  • Additional Documents Required Depending on Your Unique Case

  • Marriage Certificate

  • Adoption, separation or divorce papers

  • Driver’s licence, including an International Driver’s Permit and a reference from your auto insurance company

  • School records, diplomas or degrees

  • Car registration documents

  • Trade or professional certificates and licences

  • Work Visa if you plan to work in Canada

  • StartUp Visa if you plan to open a business in Canada

  • Study Permits if you plan to attend university in Canada

  • Immigration law is becoming more complex and challenging every day. Evelyn Ackah of Ackah Law can help you understand your rights and understand Canada immigration policies as they apply to you.

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