Documents Required to Move To Canada

  • Carry all important documents with you: do NOT pack in your luggage.

  • A valid passport, passport card, NEXUS card or other travel document

  • Temporary Residence Visa

  • Photocopy of the personal information pages of your valid passport and all other essential documents

  • Proof of English (and sometimes French) language proficiency

  • Birth certificate

  • Financial information and disclosure of funds over $10,000 CAN

  • 2 copies of all the personal items you are bringing with you: Form BSF186

  • 2 copies of all your items that are arriving later

  • Health documentation including vaccinations

  • note: Documents may need to be translated into English or French.

  • Marriage Certificate

  • Adoption, separation or divorce papers

  • Driver’s licence, including an International Driver’s Permit and a reference from your auto insurance company

  • School records, diplomas or degrees

  • Car registration documents

  • Trade or professional certificates and licences

  • Work Visa if you plan to work in Canada

  • StartUp Visa if you plan to open a business in Canada

  • Study Permits if you plan to attend university in Canada

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