Design Day SID

  • Promotional Emailer\'s on Social Media - (POC: Marketing)

  • Send an invitation to the participants through telephone calls and emailers

  • Book Range 5 days prior for the event

  • Set up the necessary infrastructure (Laptop, Table, Projector, Pen-pencil) - (POC: System Admin)

  • Getting pictures of participants for the session

  • Set the Coffee/Tea, snack and lunch arrangement 3 days prior- Check with System Admin

  • Post the pictures on social media - Marketing

  • Prepare the design day poster on xCast two days prior to the event

  • Check for goodie bags for the participants

  • Send follow up/thank you email (Timeline: within 24 hours of event time)

  • Send a online feedback form to the attendees (Timeline: within 2 days of event time)

  • Send an update email including next selection process schedule or Reject/congratulatory email

  • Check with Chetan to send an invite to the visitors for the Exibition

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