The Ultimate Fall To-Do List

The Ultimate Fall To-Do List The Ultimate Fall To-Do List
  • Go apple picking

  • Get frustrated when you can’t find any pretty apples

  • Decide to plant your own apple tree

  • Change your mind about the tree thing

  • Rake leaves

  • Jump in a pile of leaves

  • Re-rake the leaves

  • Drink a pumpkin-spice latte

  • Wear a cable-knit sweater

  • Wear boots

  • Wear flannel

  • Wear an infinity scarf

  • Complain about how cold it is

  • Talk about how fall is your favorite season

  • Pretend to care about football to bond with that cute guy in the office

  • Find out he has a girlfriend; regret buying a jersey

  • Carve a pumpkin

  • Enter a pumpkin-carving contest

  • Smash your competitors’ pumpkins when it’s announced that you didn’t win

  • Artfully assemble gourds in a wicker basket

  • Wonder why gourds are so creepy looking

  • Go to a corn maze

  • Get lost in a corn maze

  • Have a panic attack in a corn maze when it’s been 25 minutes and you really feel like you’ve been walking in circles.

  • Bake a pie

  • Instagram a photo of your pie with the hashtag #luvfall

  • Eat the entire pie yourself and immediately feel bad about it

  • Burn your tongue on hot apple cider

  • Buy candy for trick-or-treaters

  • Decide that kids these days are brats and keep the candy for yourself, instead giving out the apples that you picked and have deemed too ugly for your own consumption

  • Make candy apples with the pretty apples

  • Schedule a dentist appointment

  • Get into a heated argument with a random passerby about canned versus homemade cranberry sauce

  • Decide to take up knitting

  • Decide knitting’s not for you

  • Think of a *really* clever group Halloween costume

  • Get *really* mad at the other group of girls at the party you’re at are wearing the exact same costume, but a little better executed.

  • Say you’re going to start Christmas shopping but then forget

  • Complain some more about how cold it is

  • Be totally over fall

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