14 Proven Ways To Get More VIPKid Bookings

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  • Your VIPKid Profile

  • Write a great bio.

    Your VIPKid bio is your first impression, and it’s basically the resume you send to the parents who might hire you. It should be short, sweet, and skim-able. 

  • Be sure the amazing bio you just wrote will translate well into Chinese.

  • Be sure the amazing bio you just wrote will translate well into Chinese.

  • Include a professional photo, plus some lifestyle photos that show parents who you are.

  • Add an intro video.

    It’s easy to get intimidated by this one, but since you’re essentially teaching by video chat, an intro video really gives parents a quick sense of what your class will be like. You don’t need fancy transitions, or next-level video-editing skills, but making a great video does require some set up and practice. Set aside an afternoon for this task, and remember the most important things are to have high energy, and good sound and video quality. 

  • Use all of your available tags and teach consistently with them.

    Every teacher on VIPKid has teacher “tags” for three categories: teaching skills, strengths, and personality. Initially, your tags are populated by your Mock Class Mentor. If you have an empty slot, you can typically self-select some of your tags, and once you’re teaching classes, parents can also tag you. 

  • Maximize Your Visibility on VIPKid

  • Teach trial classes.

  • Get certified for as many levels and supplementary courses as you can.

  • Make sure your certifications are visible on your profile.

  • Open time slots as soon as your contract is signed—but only open ones you can actually teach.

  • Use the short notice option for classes you can pick up last minute.

  • Keep Your Schedule Flowing With Regular Students

  • Plan ahead for every class.

    Planning is everything! Poor preparation doesn’t lead to rebookings or reviews. Effective teachers look ahead at their schedule, plan what props they need for each class, what reward system they’ll use, and they’re relaxed and confident going into a lesson. Your level of preparedness really shows. The teachers who rock their classes get feedback from parents and ultimately, parents help market those teachers on their social media platforms, talk them up to their friends, and bring in referrals.

  • Put on the performance of a lifetime!

    Teach a great class with high energy and you’re definitely going to get that 5-apple feedback and repeat students.

  • Don’t overbook yourself.

  • Remember that parents can see your classes even if you can’t see them on screen.

  • Sign up with FeedBackpanda.com to provide great feedback after every class.

    Set up a system to give great feedback quickly after each class. This doesn’t have to be a huge administrative headache at the end of a long teaching day. FeedbackPanda has tons of templates to make giving feedback a snap and it’s free to try for 30 days.

  • Bonus: Don\'t Believe The Hype

  • Myth alert: “Closing and re-opening your bookings every day will get you more bookings.”

    While VIPKid doesn’t release their algorithm, you can be assured that they’re aware of anything teachers perceive as a loophole or a way to game the system when it comes to bookings. 

    Our best booking advice from experienced teachers is to open whatever slots you’re committed to potentially teaching before the booking frenzy every Sunday night, and then leave it be. If you don’t get booked and have open slots, check the short notice box. 

  • Myth Alert: “You should open as many time slots as possible.”

    This advice is making the rounds in a lot of places, and sure, having more slots open logically means you can be booked more. However, we’d like to add a note of caution. If you cancel a class, have an IT issue, are late, or get a negative parent review because you weren’t well prepared, those things all hurt your ability to get booked. So focus on delivering high-quality lessons and finding students you mesh with, and those strategies will serve you much better over time.

  • Myth Alert: “Every teacher gets 6 tags.”

    We’ve seen this one circulating a lot, and it’s not correct. While some teachers may have six tags, others won\'t. Six is the maximum number of tags, but there isn’t an ideal number to have. Make sure you keep your teaching consistent with what others have seen from your classes. If you aren’t satisfied with them, you can edit your tags once every 30 days to appeal to a new audience of parents.

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