14 Proven Ways To Get More VIPKid Bookings

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  • Your VIPKid Profile

  • Write a great bio.

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  • Be sure the amazing bio you just wrote will translate well into Chinese.

  • Be sure the amazing bio you just wrote will translate well into Chinese.

  • Include a professional photo, plus some lifestyle photos that show parents who you are.

  • Add an intro video.

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  • Use all of your available tags and teach consistently with them.

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  • Maximize Your Visibility on VIPKid

  • Teach trial classes.

  • Get certified for as many levels and supplementary courses as you can.

  • Make sure your certifications are visible on your profile.

  • Open time slots as soon as your contract is signed—but only open ones you can actually teach.

  • Use the short notice option for classes you can pick up last minute.

  • Keep Your Schedule Flowing With Regular Students

  • Plan ahead for every class.

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  • Put on the performance of a lifetime!

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  • Don’t overbook yourself.

  • Remember that parents can see your classes even if you can’t see them on screen.

  • Sign up with FeedBackpanda.com to provide great feedback after every class.

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  • Bonus: Don\'t Believe The Hype

  • Myth alert: “Closing and re-opening your bookings every day will get you more bookings.”

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  • Myth Alert: “You should open as many time slots as possible.”

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  • Myth Alert: “Every teacher gets 6 tags.”

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