How To Choose the Best ESL Feedback App

  • Make sure the app is compatible with the school(s) you work for (and want to work for in the future). Some ESL feedback apps only integrate with one school, while others can partner with many.

  • Look into what kind of data it stores in-app, like student and class details (birthdays, holidays, notes about the student).

  • Find out which templates you will have access to—and how many.

  • Pay attention to the free trial stipulations.

  • Do they need your credit card information?

  • How long does the trial last?

  • Are features capabilities limited during the trial?

  • Come up with your monthly price range.

  • Consider if you need/want a mobile app to access your feedback/student notes.

  • Find out if they host a webinar to teach you how to use the product.

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