How to Get Five Apple Rating on VIPKid

  • Encourage feedback in a welcome slide.

  • Try something like: “Class will begin soon! Your kind feedback and apples are appreciated!”

  • Ask for a five apple rating at the end of your feedback.

  • Ask parents to answer a specific question by leaving feedback.

  • Are there any specific things that the child would like for their reward?

  • How can I better engage with your child in class?

  • What are your child’s hobbies?

  • Teach like parents are watching (sometimes they are).

  • Be energetic and encouraging.

  • Get through all your course material.

  • Give constructive feedback during class (gently).

  • Give motivational feedback that tells the parents what their child is excelling at.

  • Tell parents that VIPKid may reward teachers with a high amount of parent feedback. This may incentivize them to leave you a review.

  • Teach high-quality classes and make connections with the student.

  • Continue to ask for five apple ratings and feedback from parents, even if they’ve already given you feedback for another class.

  • Use a feedback tool like FeedbackPanda to quickly write awesome feedback and improve response time.

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