How to get Great VIPKid Parent Feedback

  • Always start and end class on time.

  • Wear something professional/business casual.

  • Smile!

  • Include lifestyle shots in your bio to show your personality and hobbies.

  • Use fun and engaging props.

  • Be enthusiastic, encouraging, and patient.

  • Be aware of cultural differences.

  • Show a colorful welcome slide before class starts with a message requesting parent feedback.

  • If they leave you apples but don’t leave written feedback, politely respond and ask for them to do so. If you didn’t get all five apples, ask how you can improve your teaching.

  • Write excellent, meaningful feedback to show parents how much you care.

  • Set up a system to give great feedback quickly after each class. (FeedbackPanda has tons of VIPKid feedback templates to make giving feedback a snap and it’s free to try for 30 days.)

  • How to use FeedbackPanda for VIPKid Feedback

  • Sign up for a free account at

  • Install the VIPKid Launcher to connect the FeedbackPanda and VIPKid apps.

  • Click on the panda icon next to the course you want to give feedback for.

  • Choose your template, import it, and copy and paste it in your VIPKid teaching portal!

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